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Yi Jing Consultations

A one hour zoom consultation.

  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Known in the Western World as “I-Ching” (pronounced ee-ching), Yi Jing is a science-based art that accurately decodes one’s personal numerical matrix. This ancient and traditional knowledge comes from one of the oldest known written records from over 4000 years ago. Yi Jing consultations gift recommendations to individuals, families, and businesses offering opportunities for changes and synchronizing life patterns to manifest their fullest potential. This information can empower individuals in finding a balanced life related to prosperity, health, careers, and relationships. By applying these strategies, one can return to simplicity and live one’s true nature. The practice of this sacred knowledge is available through a limited number of consultants worldwide, who are trained in the 26th generation Longmen (Dragon’s Gate) Yi Jing lineage under Wu Dang Mountain Daoist Priest, Yung Xiang Tseng (Wu Dang Chen). Each Yi Jing reading is one hour in length. Your Yi Jing reading will provide you with insights around your life’s noble mission, its theme, and your unique gifts to carry out your mission. Additionally, we will discuss your growth opportunities in this life and how to leverage your gifts to overcome these challenges. You will also receive a daily meditation guide on how to embody the unique energy and their qualities that you resonate with on each day of every month. If interested, please provide your date of birth, including the year, as well as your time of birth (optional for birthdays prior to the year 2000, and required for birthdays during or past the year 2000).

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