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Vehicle Adapter

Creating a Harmonious and Safe Driving Environment


Just plug it in and you’re protected!

The intensity of EMF effects is higher in hybrid and electric cars

The powerful flow of current in electric vehicles creates high levels of EMFs with dangerous magnetic fields.  What’s more, power cables and batteries are usually situated mid-car, close to the driver and passenger seats.  Reports of impaired health, most notably elevated blood pressure, are starting to be documented by researchers.


Using the Adapter

Insert into cigarette lighter socket.

Using the USB ports to charge any of your mobile devices will also harmonize the associated EMFs generated by those devices.  The top port 2-1A is for charging tablets.  The bottom port 1-0A is for phones.

The SafeSpace Vehicle Adapter transforms the vehicle’s entire electrical system, carrying a corrective signal through the whole car. The circuitry in the plug itself is permanently encoded with a corrective signal.  When you plug the Adapter into a cigarette lighter socket, it uses the vehicle’s wiring to transport the correcting signal throughout the entire circuit.  This signal sets up a harmonizing resonance designed to convert the dangerous EMFs into biologically safe, life-enhancing fields.

Vehicle Adapter

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