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Smart Patch


Protection from Radiation



Scientific studies have shown that EMFs produce chaotic particles that disturb your body’s natural energy field, causing tissue damage.  This dangerous radiation is a subject of concern worldwide. The SafeSpace Smart Patch successfully neutralizes the toxic effect of harmful EMFs and converts them to harmonious waves that support health and well-being.

The patch’s non-electric metal substrate hologram has been encoded with frequency information that interacts with—and neutralizes the damaging effect of incoherent energy from radiation.

The SafeSpace Smart Patch not only clears the harmful toxic effect of EMF radiation from your device, but it also radiates a 6-foot protective field to help keep you protected while using your device.

The SafeSpace Smart Patch is like a bodyguard.   It’s always a step ahead, intercepting any “bad” EMF radiation and whipping it into shape.  So, by the time the radiation reaches the body, it has been repolarized to align with the human body’s natural frequency.


Designed for use with:

  • Cellular and Smart Phones

  • Wireless Devices

  • Laptops and Tablets

  • Electronics, etc.


Can be used on all devices with and electric cord or battery

Household devices and appliances

  • Household appliances of all kinds (e.g., refrigerators, electric stoves, irons, etc.)

  • Microwave ovens

  • Toaster ovens, toasters

  • Electric blankets, waterbeds

  • Radio-controlled clocks

  • Electric razors, hair dryers

  • Surge protectors/electric cords

  • Electronic work tools

Electronic Office Equipment

  • Photocopiers, printers, fax machines, etc.

  • Digital Equipment

  • Computer Monitors, CPUs, Notebooks

  • Fluorescent Lighting, Halogen Bulbs

Communication and Entertainment

  • Television, Radios, Stereo Systems

  • Radio Alarm Clocks (esp. red digital display)

  • Headphones

  • Answering Machines

  • Pages, Two-Way Radios

  • Video Players and Recorders

Smart Patches

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