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Manganocalcite has a pale pink hue and has a soft and cooling nature.  In Daoist Stone Medicine (DSM), is regarded for its ability to clear heat and agitation, allowing for greater focus and clarity. Manganocalcite tests strongly for the white band of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum, which contributes to is calming and clearing characteristics.  The presence of the red vibration in Manganocalcite strengthens Heart Qi (“chi”) and moves blood, which also helps to strengthen one’s will-power.

Manganocalcite enhances meditation and qigong practices by increasing Qi circulation in the body.

*Disclaimer: These statements and descriptions are based on observations from Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Testing.  They are intended only for members of our private association and should not be construed as medical claims or advice offered to the public.


Small Manganocalcite Heart

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