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Pink Andean Opal’s chemical composition is hydrous silicon dioxide (SiO2.nH2O), and makes it a fluid-nourishing stone.  Pink Andean Opal is known for creating a Heart-Kidney connection in Daoist Stone Medicine, which stimulates happy thoughts.  Pink Andean Opal tonifies the Kidneys, strengthening one’s will-forces.  It tests strong on for the red, orange and negative green bands of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum, indicating the following qualities:

  • Vitalizing

  • Clears and moves energy between physical organs in body

  • Strengthens Core-Life energy, including sexual energy.

  • Breaks up energetic toxicity

  • Promotes joy, happiness, and ambition.



Avoid prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight.  Clear in running water after use.  DO NOT use salt or salt water to clear PAO.  Salt will draw out the water from the internal structure, causing irreparable damage and eliminating the hydrating effect of the stone.


*Disclaimer: These statements and descriptions are based on observations from Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Testing.  They are intended only for members of our private association and should not be construed as medical claims or advice offered to the public.


Pink Andean Opal Pendant

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