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GeoResonators (Pack of 4)

GeoResonators are a great way to heal earth energy in a local area.  Each tile carries an energetic pattern that resonates with earth energy to help neutralize pollution, restore balance, and support healthy biological processes in the land.

GeoResonators (GRs) are used in groups of 4 to create an energy matrix of any shape.  The GRs immediately resonate with each other, infusing the treated area (within the matrix) with a healing, life-supporting energy field.  Planting extra Gr tiles will extend the vibration to the next location (@ a maximum distance of ½ acre beyond planted tiles).

Create a 4” to 5” deep slot in the earth with a trowel and drop the tile vertically into this slot.  The GeoResonators do not need to be buried horizontally.  The direction the holographic pattern faces is not important.

Plant the GRs around your home, your neighborhood, or specific areas to transform and energy balance your environment.  Each planting of GRs will extend the vibration to the next location if it’s within a half-mile.  The area within the matrix of GRs will be harmonized.

Planting around trees

Planting a GR near healthy, large trees will amplify the pattern into the area.  Planting a single GR at the roots of a sick tree, bush or plant will help clear toxins and strengthen its life force.

Adding GeoResonator to a Body of Water

Dropping a GR in a pond, marshland, or in a small inland waterway can help energize the water, as well as carry the vibration outside of the matrix to positively influence a much larger area.  A small baggie with a weight may be needed to help sink the GR to the bottom of a pond or waterway.

Harmonizing EMF fields and Cell-Towers

To help harmonize toxic electromagnetic stress fields from cell towers or electric substations, plant GeoResonators to create a correction matrix around a toxic area.  4 GR tiles can be positioned within ½ acre at the edge of the toxic site.  This will help clear and neutralize the toxic EMFs from the tower.

Indoor Use

It is always optimum to plant the GeoResonators outdoors to neutralize the effect of the toxic geopathic zone from the source.  If this is not possible, four GRs can be placed indoors at the edge of the affected areas.  Placing the tiles around a bed, a study area, or at the four corners of a room can neutralize the toxic effect of the geopathic zone.  This can be a useful while traveling or for a mobile lifestyle. 


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