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In Daoist Stone Medicine, is considered a “Wei” or defensive stone.  Angelite is pale blue in color, and is the trade name for anhydrous sulfate.  Angelites softness and dryness make it a good stone for absorbing “Damnpness” and “Damp Heat” in acute conditions, such as swelling.

Engergetically speaking, Angelite exhibits vibrational qualities on the Blue and White spectrums, giving it a cooling effect from the Blue and a “softening” effect from the White vibration.  

Angelite is also a great meditation stone, as it calms the mind.

*CAUTION: Due to its anhydrous (lacking water) nature, Angelite should not be cleansed in water, or it may dissolve.  Use sunlight to clear and charge Angelite.


*Disclaimer: These statements and descriptions are based on observations from Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Testing.  They are intended only for members of our private association, and should not be construed as medical claims or advice offered to the public.

Angelite Massage Wand

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