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About Us 

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Randy Peterson 

Vibrational Healer 

Randy Peterson is the founder of the Private Health Association, Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine (GHVM).  Mr. Peterson created GHVM, recognizing the need for alternatives to our current healthcare system which focuses on physical symptoms, but ignores and disregards the mental, emotional, and spiritual causes of these symptoms.  Mr. Peterson utilizes vibrational radiesthesia to detect imbalances in members’ energetic, emotional, and mental bodies and determines which scalar energetic imputs will correct the imbalances.  Mr. Peterson is a licensed Associate Practitioner of Biogeometry Environmental Home Solutions, enabling him to go into homes and offices of members to harmonize these environments with strategically placed shapes that resonate with the centering vibration.

Mr. Peterson is also a trained I-Ching consultant, allowing him to offer members a view of their life’s mission, their unique gifts to carry out their mission, as well as growth opportunities they came to address in this life.

Additionally, Mr. Peterson is currently completing the training required to be a licensed practioner of sound healing, utilizing the powerful sound healing device, the AMI-750, which emits audible sound frequencies resonant with healthy cells, tissues, and organs in the body to address a variety of health conditions. 

Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine also offers members a variety of vibrational tools designed to transmute detrimental vibrations into the centering vibration, eliminating the harmful effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) from out modern technologies. 

GHVM also carries high-quality crystals and gemstones vibrationally tested to ensure they are authentic and free from artificial treatments, such as heating, gamma radiation, and dyes, which destroy the beneficial vibrational qualities of the stones.

Mr. Peterson is passionate about sharing these offerings that have had a profound effect on his healing journey and spiritual development and is confident that members will realize the same benefits.

Join us today, and experience Grand Harmony for yourself.


Apollo Aelius

Intuitive Design Consultant

As a digital manager and designer for us Apollo is responsible for the updating and management of our digital and social  presence. He utilizes his skills to help all of our offering be a beautiful and impactful as possible. If you reach out to us for questions, comments, or concerns he will help direct you to the correct information or website page. He is an artist, healer, and intuitive himself and he blends all of these skills together to help spiritual entrepreneurs build and manage their businesses. If you are looking for art, a website, or business advice as a spiritual entrepreneur he is the guy to go to. He is heart centered and heart lead so if you have any questions about our offerings or his offerings with spiritual entrepreneurs click the button below to send him a message directly. Also feel free to check out his website below to explore all of his offerings too. 

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